The Lamy Nexx

I just have to put it out there. I’ve got to admit it. It’s been eating me inside for weeks, months! I’m not a fan of many Lamy pens. That being said, I am a fan of the Lamy Nexx! Read on to find out why….

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The Parker 17

Parker Fountain pens are often seen to be the epitome of reliability and Great British fountain pens. Known for their quite-legendary Parker 51, Parker had an impressive lineup with their vintage fountain pens, and the Parker 17 is no different! Introduced in 1962, and discontinued a decade later, these pens are pretty old, but built to last! Offered in blue, black, red and green, there is guaranteed to be something to match your preferences. So, is this pen worth a purchase, delving into Parker’s rich and fascinating history? Or is it just a display piece, condemned to collecting dust on a shelf and never being looked at twice? Read on to find out…..

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How I got into Fountain Pens

My fountain pen story, like many others’, is a story of constant development, learning, and most of all, enjoyment! You might be an experienced collector, an avid user, or just somebody who is getting started. Below is my story about how got into this awesome hobby, and hopefully, this may well help you get a head-start on your fountain pen journey!

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The Jinhao 159

When you saw the pictures, you probably thought this was a Montblanc 149 review … I know that everybody’s waiting for it! But this is not that pen. This is the Jinhao 159 – the Montblanc 149’s younger (and significantly cheaper) cousin, direct from China. Jinhao are famous (infamous?) for their “inspired” designs, borrowing elements from everything from Parker to Montegrappa.  The 159 is one of their most popular offerings, and receives hate and love alike from pen enthusiasts. So, what do I think? Read on to find out…

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