Montblanc Starwalker Platinum Line:

The Montblanc Starwalker is arguably one of Montblanc’s most iconic pens, breaking free from Montblanc’s traditional cigar shaped designs. So, does this pen stack up to the other beasts Montblanc has come out with over the years, notably, the Meisterstuck range? Or is it just another fashion item dressed to impress? Read on and find out…

Design (8/10)

The pen’s design is certainly iconic, with Montblanc’s floating icon at the top of the cap, suspended in time in a piece of transparent acrylic. It’s body is slender, breaking well away from Montblanc’s traditional Cigar shaped pens of the classic Meisterstuck range. The material the pen is made of is Montblanc’s flagship “precious resin” which is cool to the touch and feels good in the hand. The grip section is cut into tiny little squares which gives the pen a very urban, modern look. The nib is rather unusual, in that its design isn’t resemblant of any other pen. At best, I could say that it has the unique shape of say, a Lamy nib. It is made from 14k gold and the feed is un-finned.


Writing (7/10)

This pen is equipped with a 14k gold nib, which is surprisingly much less springy than those of, say a Montblanc 146 or 149. It writes smoothly at whatever speed, and the feed keeps up well. The nib does provide a little feedback, but, on the whole gives a pleasant writing experience with no problems with hard starts etc. You’d expect this from a pen of Montblanc quality. The pen is incredibly light, and so it is a perfect writer for those extended writing sessions. Even uncapped for a while, the pen showed no start-up issues and this is a testament to the feed Montblanc have engineered. The grip, with its chiselled design isn’t particularly comfortable, nor uncomfortable to hold, but it does leave an imprint on your fingers. All in all, it isn’t a particularly exciting pen to write with, but it does the job of a workhorse very effectively, and that’s why I’m giving it a 7/10.


Function (6/10)

The pen is a cartridge only fountain pen, but it can accommodate a faber-castell converter which I am using now. Unfortunately, this is quite a deal-breaker for many fountain pen enthusiasts. It is a relatively small pen, but the screw-on cap to post it is extremely innovative and works very well, giving the pen some weight and length which I like. The nib isn’t particularly wet so a cartridge may well last a fairly long time. All in all, it serves its purpose, but the lack of first hand Converter support can be a bit of a deal-breaker.


Final Thoughts (7/10)

Montblanc has a rich history of fine writing, innovative pens, and the Starwalker really does live up to that. The writing quality is seamless and the medium nib holds up well against any writing pace, however it is a workhorse pen, and with that said, it isn’t exciting to write with. It is one of my favourite pens to use, but, I’d still prefer using pens on the Meisterstuck range. So, is it merely a fashion item? Certainly not. It is a great pen which I use often and take pleasure in doing so.

Writing Sample


Starwalker Capped
Starwalker Cap

By Ali Abbas Panju


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