TWSBI Diamond 580AL

The TWSBI company has been producing pens since 2009. Known for their incredibly affordable demonstrator pens, with piston filling mechanisms, their name echoes throughout the pen world when it comes to reliability, affordability and in general, great performance. So does the TWSBI Diamond 580AL stack up to this reputation? Read on and find out…

Design (6/10)

TWSBI’s approach when it came to this pen was clear; to have a no-frills, no-nonsense demonstrator with a humongous ink capacity – and it does that – very well in fact. The 580AL is the aluminum version of the classic 580, and typically retails for £10 more. The top of the cap has the classic TWSBI red logo, and the cap-band bears the TWSBI name, with “Diamond 580” written upon it.The clip for the cap is quite tight, and is polished to a high shine. The nib is quite small, and also bears the TWSBI logo – it is made from stainless steel, and with the tapered metal section, it looks rather elegant.

TWSBI Uncapped

Writing (7/10)

This pen is equipped with a stainless steel nib. That being said, the quality control on it is exceptional. The nib writes flawlessly, with no hard starts, no ink-flow problems, and even with my (F) nib, it writes smoothly. The pen is well-weighted, even with a full barrel of ink, but it is clear this pen is not meant to be posted, as the cap does not post properly on the piston-knob. It is comfortable to hold, and all in all, a solid writer, with a steel nib that far outweighs its price.

Writing sample

Function (8/10)

The pen, when filled, holds an incredible amount of ink, and coupled with the fine nib, it can last a good length of time without needing to be refueled. The cap forms a great seal with the barrell, and even leaving this pen for over a week without use, it writes with no hard starts whatsoever – a great feed made by TWSBI. The pen serves its purpose very well, as an EDC and a workhorse,which will attract looks of incredulity from anybody who sees the colourful inks splashing about in the chamber.

TWSBI Posted

Final Thoughts (8/10)

TWSBI is incredibly well known for their piston filled pens, and well-performing nibs, and the 580AL certainly lives up to that. Having owned this pen over 6 months, and it taking an enormous amount of abuse everyday, it’s clear that this pen is an incredible workhorse – great for students, enthusiasts and people in the workplace alike. The aluminum on the pen gives it a great look and a good weight – and the plastic feels incredibly solid, and even after numerous drops, it has never cracked. A good pen? Definitely. Worth it? Hell yeah!

By Ali Abbas Panju




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