Diamine Blue-Black

The Diamine company have been producing inks since 1864, and you really can see their impressive legacy bottled up in their inks. They quite literally produce inks that are every colour under the rainbow, from bright oranges, to deep purples, to intense blacks. Unfortunately, I don’t own those. I own their blue-black ink, and that is what I am going to review today.

Diamine inks are known to be very washable, and well priced. this ink stood up to that legacy. Spills have always been easy to wipe, and they never leave any residue or lasting stains. When spilt on clothes, a standard wash in the washing machine, with no stain remover was all that was needed to restore my white shirt to its former glory.

The ink bottle shape is nothing special – classic, really. It doesn’t have the functionality that Montblanc or even Waterman bottles have, but the neck of the bottle is indeed wide enough for a thinner pen to get the last droplets of ink out of the bottle. Nevertheless, Diamine packaging is beautiful – not so much as Iroshizuku ink bottles – but still looks good on a shelf, out on display. My specific bottle is the 80ml bottle, but it is also available in 30ml.

The ink flows well, on good quality paper. Even in my Starwalker, which I find to be a little dry at times, it flows well, and without any problems:

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-02 at 20.56.05 (1)
With Rhodia (HQ) paper

Even with lower quality, printer paper, the flow of the ink is still OK, and there was no visible feathering. Unfortunately, with broader, greater ink-flow, some bleed-through did indeed occur:

All in all, what do I think of the ink? The colour seems to be a blue/turquoise-black rather than a pure blue black, however, it is still a beautiful ink with a great flow and an excellent price! Would I recommend it? Certainly!It does indeed stand up to Diamine’s impressive legacy.

By Ali Abbas Panju


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