BIC Disposable Fountain Pen

BIC is often a word of disdain in the mouth of fountain-pen users. “Oh him. No, he uses a BIC”. “Oh I couldn’t possibly write with a BIC.” So when I was told that they made fountain pens, I was understandably dubious. Worse still when I found out that it was disposable. Still, I bought it so you don’t have to – here’s my review.

Writing (6/10)

This nib is amazing. Just throwing that out there. It’s got almost no flex, but it is butter smooth, and I’ve never had a single flow issue. Considering that I have £50+ parkers, watermans etc that hard start, this really is incredible. It’s an absolute pleasure to write with, and even though there is no flBICex, it still has considerable bounce to it. The nib tends on the fine side, and aesthetically, is undecorated. Still, it does the job, and for the price, complaining would just to punctilious.


Design (1/10)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse looking fountain pen. It’s absolutely horrible. First of all, the plastic is cheap and breaks easily (more on that later). The silver gradient might have been nice if it wasn’t for a strange black design on the lid that disrupts the design of the entire pen. It’s adorned with no less than three BIC mascots, and even a bar code. I understand that the design is not doing to be a classic, but this feels thoughtless.

Function (4/10)

This is a disposable pen. It’s not meant to last a long time. I’ve done at least a dozen pages of work and the ink hasn’t run out, and I can helpfully see how much is left in a centrally placed ink window. However, that is about where function ends. The clip barely moves, and I feel like so much as stretching it over a thick pocket would snap it. Worse is the plastic from which the pen is made. Having been used for a few weeks, this pen sat in my collection-box for a month. When I pulled it out today, some miniscule crack (that I still can’t identify) has made the lid all but useless. It either hangs limply off the end, or, when forced on, shoots straight back off with the force of a rocket!

Conclusion (4/10)

When reviewing this pen, I had to keep in mind that it’s cheap (barely over £1 when bought in a pack of 18), and designed to be disposable. The failures of the design are more than made up for by the quality of the nib, and nobody’s going to be complaining about the design – this certainly isn’t a display pen. There are certainly much worse EDCs, and the idea of a cheap, disposable pen that doesn’t need to be refilled is certainly a good one. You could do a lot worse than this BIC.

By Oliver Bennett


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